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[Required] Could you tell us more about Metaline? In other words, what does Metaline do?

Speaking of metaline, we have to first introduce the main product of the team, Decredit。DeCredit ecosystem has currently planned four types of products, Oracle, Defi, Gamefi and Socialfi

As the main product of the ecosystem, oracles affect the development of the entire ecosystem. DeCredit is a decentralized oracle ecosystem focusing on WEB3.0. It is a safe and cost-effective solution. Providing traditional API services, unlike Chainlink, DeCredit oracles extend blockchain by connecting smart contracts to real-world data, events, payment systems, and off-chain computing resources, while guaranteeing tamper resistance and reliability function.

OpenDefi is the second product in the ecosystem. Although it is not as good as other Defi products and how high TVL is, it has verified the feasibility of the DeCredit oracle.

Metaline is our third product that we are currently working on. In the Mateline game, DeCredit provides two oracle services: • Credit pledge: DeCredit provides off-chain credit ratings for on-chain players in the MetaLine game ecosystem, and players can lower their pledges Proportion, get a certain game reward. • True random numbers: DeCredit VFR provides true random numbers for MetaLine. This further verifies the practicability of the oracle machine, and at the same time we have a gameplay that is different from other projects, which will be discussed later.

Social is the product we plan to launch in the future, and SocialFi is a hybrid product of “social” + “finance”. It captures the social value of users by tokenizing social influence. The DeCredit oracle can inject trusted off-chain data into SocialFi, improving

SocialFi self-consistent economic system.

In the future, we will also launch DAO to hand over governance rights to the community and realize web3.

[Required] There are many similar projects out there, some have been quite successful, such as BNX, etc. What is special about Metaline compared to other projects?

One of the most important concepts in the Gamefi project is play-to-earn. This method or form has appeared in the earliest online games in China. Such as Stone Age, Legend, Marvel, World of Warcraft. Even in order to ensure the security of player transactions (the transaction between virtual items and legal currency), the largest virtual item trading platform in China — 5173 was born. Among the many games in the last year, I think Thetan is more successful, because he is not only play-to-earn, but also play-to-fun. With some big game companies entering the web3 field, I believe there will be more in the future. When a good gamefi comes out, Metaline, as a strategy game, is also the entrance for users to enter web3. NFTs holding Metaline have the following rights:

[Optional] Can you speak to us about your decision to build on BSC?

As the official blockchain of Binance, I think bsc has infinite possibilities. We believe that bsc has the following advantages: low gas, high security, many users, and many gamefi with good data on bsc and achievements, at the same time as a gamefi, there is a huge demand for interaction, bsc can reduce the handling fee used by users

[Optional] Great, could you give us some info on the Meatline Token?

CDTC issued a total of 300 million coins, the distribution is as follows

[Optional] We have also noticed that the essence of many gamefi is fi rather than the game itself, so does Metaline develop its own games, and how should players use the products?

Yes, we are developing our own game, the game will be officially launched after the sale of the blind box, the gameplay is as follows: (previously made renderings). There are many interesting points in the game;

[Required] How does your project guarantee users’ asset safety?

Yes, I think our security is very good. All our code is open source. In addition, we have sent the game code to Certik for audit. After the audit, the security of users’ assets will be better guaranteed.



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