DeCredit Weekly Report(July 5th — July 11th,2021)


1. Finished the deployment of airdrop contract.

2. Finished the deployment of deposit contract.

3. Finished frontend tuning and deployed it for testing.


1. IDO platforms are under selecting and some have completed the preliminary review.

2. More investors are under negotiating.

4. The technical Article with Litentry is under preparing.

5. The round table event in Crust group in under preparing and is expected to be held in this month.


1. Telegram Group maintain 50K+ Members

The total number of Telegram Community Members maintain the best situation as 50+ K (WAS :50k+),

Twitter maintains as 38K+ Followers

-The total number of Twitter followers maintains the same number as 38.8K+ at 11/7/2021 (WAS:38.6K+).

2. AMA in New Partnership LABS Group and Turkey community have been finished successfully.

3. Ongoing :FAQ question collection event is undergoing and we will collect the best question be make a FAQ for users.

Stay Tune with DeCredit for more:

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